Indie Ecology works with 80 restaurants across London to reduce their food waste completely.

The company travels across London collecting each restaurant’s food waste on a regular basis. They convert this waste to compost, and then deliver fresh, organic vegetables grown in this compost.

The premise is simple, and for Michelin-Starred restaurants like Pied à Terre it offers a way to reduce food waste and try exciting new produce.

Indie Ecology uses a system known as the Bokashi method to decompose the waste.

The waste is mixed with a mixture of microorganisms and molasses, this mixture stops smells and helps decomposition.

All food waste can be converted to compost using this system; it works with fish, meat, and even oyster shells.

Over 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year. Indie Ecology is a small operation, but it hopes to change the way we think about our food waste.

Produced by Charlie Floyd

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