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Burt Reynolds death: Sally Field, Mark Wahlberg and more celebrities react

Burt Reynolds death: Sally Field, Mark Wahlberg and more celebrities react



Burt Reynolds shares a surprising story about the original “‘The Longest Yard” and talks candidly about Adam Sandler’s remake of the gridiron classic.

Celebrities are taking to social media to pay tribute to popular film star Burt Reynolds, who has died at age 82, multiple news outlets have confirmed, including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and CBS News.

Reynolds, known for his work in films such as “Deliverance,” “The Longest Yard” and “Smokey and the Bandit,” was celebrated for his career on Twitter and Instagram Thursday.

Sally Field, his “Smokey and the Bandit” co-star and former romantic partner who Reynolds once called the “love of my life,” released a statement Thursday.

“There are times in your life that are so indelible, they never fade away,” she said in the statement. “They stay alive, even forty years later. My years with Burt never leave my mind. He will be in my history and my heart, for as long as I live. Rest, Buddy.” 

Reynolds’ “Boogie Nights” co-star Mark Wahlberg said, “Rest in peace to a legend and a friend.”

Sylvester Stallone called it a “sad day” that his friend Reynolds had died. “He had a great sense of humor and I enjoyed his company so much,” Stallone wrote in an Instagram post.

Dolly Parton tweeted out photo with a statement about her feelings about Reynolds’ death.

“Oh how sad I am today along with Burt’s millions of fans around the world as we mourn one of our favorite leading men,” she wrote. “I know we will always remember his funny laugh, that mischievous sparkle in his eyes, and his quirky sense of humor. You will always be my favorite sheriff, rest in peace my little buddy. I will always love you.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted a touching tribute: “Burt Reynolds was one of my heroes. He was a trailblazer. He showed the way to transition from being an athlete to being the highest paid actor, and he always inspired me.”

Steve Harvey was “very sad” to hear about Reynolds.  “He was a great actor, a philanthropist and a pioneer of the cool mustache.”

Lena Dunham said Reynolds was the “glorious dictionary definition of a golden man. Thank you for spreading your glow.”

“I always loved how Burt Reynolds worked with his friends as often as he could and then showcased the fun of movie-making in the end credits of his flicks,” Kevin Smith tweeted. “He was true American icon. Hate to see him go…”

“RIP to another legend,” Josh Gad said in a tweet. “A very great loss.”

Vanilla Ice, who was quarantined on board Emirates Flight 203 Wednesday, reflected on the “traumatic week,” posting a photo with Reynolds. “Feeling super emotional right now,” he tweeted.

Ricky Gervais said that Reynolds’ “whole career was tongue in cheek. Always warm and funny.”

“The Office” star Angela Kinsey said that “he brought a lot of joy into our lives.”

“Community” star Yvette Nicole Brown remembered him in the movie “The End,” saying, “This really, really sucks.”

Comedian Patton Oswalt recounted an anecdote about Reynolds and Clint Eastwood. 

“Burt Reynolds & Clint Eastwood were fired from GUNSMOKE & RAWHIDE at the same time,” Oswalt tweeted. “Burt was told he couldn’t act and Clint his neck was too skinny. In the parking lot, Burt said to Clint, ‘I dunno what you’re gonna do, but I’m gonna take acting lessons.'”

Billy Dee Williams said, “Burt Reynolds was a friend of mine, sad to hear of his passing.”

“Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley said Reynolds was “one of the kindest and most generous people” he has ever worked with.

“He took me under his wing when I was first starting out as an actor and offered friendship, advice and guidance,” Wesley continued. “I’ll never forget how much that meant to me.”

Comedian Michael Ian Black shared a story of when he worked with Reynolds on a TV show. “He introduced himself by saying, ‘Hi, I’m Burt Reynolds. I used to be big in the 70’s.’ How do you not love that?”

Actor Dean Cain simply said, “God bless, sir.”

Elijah Wood mourned Reynolds’ death, tweeting: “Sad to hear of the passing of legend, Burt Reynolds.”

Comedian Norm Macdonald tweeted: “Big Burt is up in heaven slapping around little Bert.”

“The Karate Kid” star Ralph Macchio said he met Reynolds “a few years back.”

“So glad I did,” he added.

“Thanks for the memories,” Larry the Cable Guy tweeted. “I met Burt a few times at his theatre in Jupiter. Such an engaging and funny guy plus a huge mentor to young actors in Jupiter.”

Writer and director Edgar Wright mourned the loss of the famed actor, tweeting: “R.I.P. Burt Reynolds, underrated as a dramatic actor (Deliverance), underrated as a director (Sharkey’s Machine), but also a rare movie star that seemed to be just having an absolute ball onscreen.”

Musician Richard Marx retold a story about when he met Reynolds in a video store. “I said, ‘I just want to thank you for many hours of entertainment,'” Marx tweeted. “He smiled so big and shook my hand and said, “You made my day. Thank you.”

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